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Rose Bud Tea

Rose Bud Tea

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Our rose bud tea is sourced only from the best grades from the Longnan area of Gansu province, Northwest China. The rosebuds there are naturally grown at a high altitude of 1500 meters in a pollution-free environment. 

Since the rosebud is completely hand-picked, processed, and dried, its petals remain intact, as if growing on the tree. And so it retains all the healthy nutrition and its original rosy aroma.

Rose flower does not contain any caffeine so you can drink a soothing cup at any time, whether it is in the morning, afternoon, at night, or before going to bed.

By the way, our rose tea is made from natural rose flowers without any artificial coloring, flavoring, and additives.

Rose Tea Benefits

Roses flowers, especially their buds, are high in vitamin C, far exceeding those found in fresh fruits like oranges, tomatoes, and grapefruit. We know that proper vitamin C supplementation is good for our skin and can make the skin radiant. 

Plus, rose tea is a caffeine-free drink, so you don't have to worry about intake too much caffeine in a day if you also drink other caffeinated drinks.

How to make Rose Bud Tea?

Making Rose flower tea is very easy. You can simply steep it at home, the office, or the dormitory.

You can use porcelain, pottery, or glass cups to brew rose tea. It is better to brew it with Mineral water or pure water. When brewing it, we recommend using about 90 degrees Celsius temperature water instead of boiling water. Otherwise, the high-temperature water will destroy the rose nutrition elements.

Generally, it is better to wash with boiling water that has been left for a while, that is 194℉ or 90℃. Use about 2 teaspoons per 500 ml of water, and steep it for 4-5 minutes.

Rose tea can also mix with loose leaf tea like green teablack tea, or fresh or dried fruits. Make a try and You will find a surprise.

Rose Bud Details

Ingredients: 100% High altitude natural rosebuds

Origin: Northwest China

Caffeine: Caffeine-free

How It Tastes: Natural rose aroma, Taste a little sweet

How to Brew: 4-5 minutes at 194℉/90℃ 

No artificial coloring, flavoring, and additives


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Customer Comments


In the afternoon sun, I lazily bask in the sun, brewing a cup of Aiji Baicha, watching the fresh green buds dance in the cup, slowly the buds and leaves show white, green, up and down. Isn't life like this? Take a sip, the cheeks and teeth are fragrant, refreshing, and forget all troubles and unpleasantness! Thank you for the dirnk, good tea must be praised.

Los Angeles, US

The tea is of high quality, much better than what I bought at my local tea shop. I have also bought it on other websites and the quality is not as good as FARMOUNTS. When I opened the tea leaves, a fragrant smell comes out. The tea leaves have a stronger fragrance and a good taste. I will continue to buy it, and also share it with friends. Love it. Highly recommended!

London, UK

Unlimited repurchase, Biluochun is very authentic, the tea soup is light green, the quality is very good, it can drink a fresh and natural taste, with a floral and fruity aroma. After a cup of drinking, there is a sweetness in the mouth. The color is emerald green. Also their service is so good.

Going to try other teas from this brand.

Liverpool, UK

I have to say, the quality of FARMOUNTS is impeccable. I bought Phoenix Dancong, the aroma is very good, and the mouth is sweet after drinking it. At first, the color of the soup is light brown, but slowly the tea leaves are stretched out, and the brown color became a little darker but brighter. The key is that the water temperature should be hot enough, usually about 95℃. This tea is not bitter at all. It is really unexpected that you can buy tea of this quality at this price. The store owner may consider a small profit but quick turnover. I will buy it again.

Chicago, US

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