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Jasmine Blooming Green Tea

Jasmine Blooming Green Tea

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What is Jasmine tea?

Jasmine tea belongs to herbal tea. Its embryo is green tea, so it is also a type of green tea.

The finished product has jasmine flowers removed. The scent of tea and jasmine are intermingled with each other.

Jasmine Tea


Jasmine tea has a history of more than 1,000 years. It is grown in Fuzhou of Fujian

province, China.

It has the reputation of "jasmine is supremely flavored by scenting, its fragrance can

be No.1 in the world".

It was also listed as a tribute for more than 150 years in the Qing Dynasty.

Fuzhou jasmine has always been China's foreign affairs ceremony tea.

It is made by blending and scenting tea leaves and jasmine flowers so that

the tea leaves absorb the fragrance of flowers.

Taste and Fragrance

The tea fragrance is fresh and lasting, the taste is mellow and refreshing.

Its tea soup is bright yellow and green, and the bottom of the leaf is tender and soft.


The tea made through a series of technological processes has the functions

of soothing the nerves, relieving depression, strengthening the spleen, and regulating

qi, anti-aging, and improving the body's immunity.

It is a healthy drink without caffeine.

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