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Shui Xian Dancong

Shui Xian Dancong

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What is Fenghuang Shui Xian Tea?

Shui Xian belongs to Dancong tea, a branch of Oolong tea that is produced in the Fenghuang area of China.


Tea Category: Oolong tea

Origin: Fenghuang, China

Aroma: Flower and honey fragrance

Caffeine Level: Medium

Hot Brew Temperature: 195 °F or 90 °C

Brew Time: 4-6 min

How it Taste

The tea has natural floral and honey scents, mellow and sweet. Also, it is durable to brew, and the fragrance is lasting.


Scientific research has confirmed that, like other teas, Shui Xian tea can refresh the mind, relieve fatigue, help diuresis, sterilization, degreasing, and weight loss. It can also help lower blood fat and anti-aging.

Note: Cannot be used as a drug.

How to iced brew

Cold-brew Fenghuang Shuixian is more refreshing, but the aroma and the mellow tea are slightly lighter. The method of Iced brewing the tea is very simple.

1. Prepare the vessel

Prepare a teapot that can hold 26 oz or 800 ml of water, and then clean it.

2. Put the tea leaf in

Iced tea can be lighter, so the ratio of tea to water can be controlled at about 1:50. If the tea leaves are brewed too much, the tea may be astringent.

3. Add water

Pour in a small amount of warm water and steep tea leaves for seconds, then pour out the water. After that, immediately pour in already boiled cold water. The temperature of the water should be lower than 20℃ or 68℉.

4. Put it in the refrigerator

Put the prepared code brewed tea in the refrigerator, steep it for about 4 hours. When the time is almost there, you can take it out and enjoy it.

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