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Deer Semi-Automatic Tea Infuser

Deer Semi-Automatic Tea Infuser

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Deer was regarded as a mythical creature in ancient China. People believed that deer could bring good luck, happiness, and longevity. Deer is also a symbol of beauty. In mythology, it is often accompanied by immortals, cranes, Ganoderma lucidum, and pine and cypress sacred trees.

The fairy Deer design of tea sets simplifies the process of making tea. Many times, when we want to drink tea but don’t want to be too complicated, we directly use the Shenlu tea set to easily get it. Especially in offices, student dormitories, outdoor camping, etc.

As a tea set with a symbolic meaning, it is not only a tea set but also brings ornamental value, allowing us to enjoy tea and life more while drinking tea.

The glasses are made of High borosilicate glass. Compared with ordinary glass, it has high fire resistance, high physical strength, and higher melting temperature.

How to leak tea?

This is a Semi-Automatic tea infuser. There is a round food-grade magnet at the bottom of the Gaiwan. This round magnet will tightly block the leak, so there is no need to worry about the tea flowing out. When you want to leak tea, use the handle of the teacup to approach the magnet of the Gaiwan, then the magnet will be sucked up by the handle. And the tea will naturally leak out. Remove the tea cup below, the magnet will automatically return to its original position, and the tea will stop flowing.


Cup material: High borosilicate glass
Gaiwan: 300ml
Serving Cup: 300ml
Deer Cup Holder: Height 16.5cm, Length 19cm, Width 13cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Mason Meffert

thanks it's perfect!

SHEI Hua Moi

Very well thought

Doran Mitchell

I like it very much because you can see that high quality and the glass keeps the tea always warm. the semi-automatic system is wonderful because it filters in a perfect way the leaves of the tea

Allan Ho

really good assistance

Robert Mullett

i love this mystic deer, since i bought it drinking tea is really great