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Da Hong Pao Tea

Da Hong Pao Tea

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When it comes to oolong tea, Da Hong Pao is definitely at the top of the list. 

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Dahongpao, or Big Red Robe, is produced in the tea fields of Wuyi Mountains, the National Reserve in China. Few places can produce such high-quality tea as the tea fields there. 

The peerless and quiet Wuyi Mountain is rarely populated, the green water and mountains are full of pits and streams, the soil quality is excellent, and the altitude is high, all of which are the natural reasons for good tea.

The Wuyi rock tea grown there is nourished and nurtured by the aura of heaven and earth, mountains and water, and it is naturally not bad.

That is why we can taste the tea full of orchid and peach aromas. And the aroma stays on the palate, but with further brewing, you will realize that the flavor is slightly changed.

Dahongpao Details

Ingredients: Dahongpao Oolong tea leaf

Origin: Wuyi mountains area of Fujian province, Southeast China

Caffeine: Medium caffeine, 2/5 to coffee's

How it tastes: Orchid and peach aroma

How to Brew: 3-4 minutes at 203℉/95℃

No artificial coloring, flavoring, and additives

How to Make The Tea?

For those who love tea and frequently drink tea, Dahongpao is very precious. Therefore, we usually use the Gongfu tea method to brew it. so that we can feel the true tea aroma. Of course, for convenience, we can also steep it with a cup directly. But there will be something missing in the experience of aroma and taste.

Chinese Gongfu tea Method

Gongfu tea requires several kinds of tea-making equipment, if you don't have those, you can skip this method first.

Prepare for Steeping


boiling water

6-8 grams of tea leaves, you can increase or decrease the amount according to your preference

Start Steeping

First warm cup.

Next, put in the tea leaves, and pour in boiling water. Pour out the water after 3-5 seconds. This step is not for drinking, but cleaning and waking up the tea.

Then add water, pour it out after 15 seconds. Remember to pour out the tea soup in the Gaiwan thoroughly, otherwise, the after steeping will taste astringent.

The waiting time for making tea is 15s, 25s, 35s, 60s, 100s, 150s.

Da Hong Pao Tea Benefits

The tea helps to refresh and invigorate our mind, eliminate fatigue, lift work efficiency, improve digestion, and also has a diuretic effect.

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