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Biluochun Tea

Biluochun Tea

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The Best Biluochun Tea

Biluochun, also known as Pi Lo Chun, is a famous Chinese green tea. It is also one of the top 10 Chinese tea. The tea has a distinguished history that it has become a tribute tea during the Qing Dynasty.

Our Biluochun is sourced from the Dongting Lake area which is the best for producing Biluochun. The area is located on the right side of the Yangtze River in Hunan province, Southern China.

Dongting Lake is a national protected area. It has the perfect climate, soil, and precipitation, making the Dongting Mountain an ideal place to grow tea trees. The Local tea farmers planted fruit trees next to the tea trees, which is why Biluochun tea has such a strong fragrance of flowers and fruits.

Benefits of Biluochun

Drinking Biluochun tea can help refresh your mind. If you don't want to consume too much caffeine in a day, Bi Lo Chun could be an alternative.

How to Make Biluochun Tea?

Water Temperature

Since Biluochun is a green tea, and our Biluochun leaf is quite tender, we recommend using boiled water at a temperature of around 80ºC/176ºF to 85ºC/185ºF to brew it.

Tea Leaves to Water

The ratio of Biluochun tea leaves to water is generally 1:50. You can always change the ratio by your taste.

How long to Brew

#Large Teapot Or Tea Cup: For example, if your teapot fills 300ml water, you may put 5-7 grams of the leaves into it, depending on your taste. And then steep for 3-4 minutes.

#Gaiwan: Or, you can make the tea in a traditional Chinese Gaiwan. If so, take 6-8 grams of tea leaves for a time, and you can steep it up to 12 times.

Water in and tea soup out is about 20 seconds. Remember to pour out all the tea soup thoroughly until it stops dropping, otherwise, your next brew may taste a little bitter.

You can slowly increase the brewing time after the 4th brew, otherwise, the tea aroma will not taste enough.

Biluochun Tea Details

Ingredients: Biluochun green tea leaf

Origin: Dongting area, Southern China

Caffeine: Low caffeine, 1/4 to coffee's

How it tastes: Floral and fruits aroma, Sweet and mellow

How to Brew: 3-4 minutes at 194℉/90℃

No artificial coloring, flavoring, and additives

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Goran zinser

Very nice green tea with good aroma and flavor. Very happy to get it fromTearigin.

Becki Heuber

What can I say this is the first green tea I’ve ever bought! A friend of mine gave me some Biluochun tea leaves but they where bigger leaves when opened up and darker and I thought they were nice. So I looked on YouTube to try and learn a bit more about them and found out the best ones are picked early April so I ordered these ones!! And I definitely made the right choice I put 30g in my Tealyra glass cup 450ml and I’ll get 3 cups of wonderful tea out of it. I will definitely be buying more from Tearigin

peter Collins

Great flavor!

Abdur barnhart

A very delicate flavor

Maximilian Alredha

great for better metabolism, also a great flavor