Tea Wholesale in Bulk



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Phone Number: +86 177 2573 5816

Email Address: support@tearigin.com or august1900@163.com

About us & tea

We are China based seller. We have our own tea garden and processing factory. If you want to order the authentic and premium tea in bulk, you get in the right place. We have been producing tea for more than 10 years, and the quality of tea can be no doubt of great quality.


A good business is not just about doing a good job in marketing, but also whether the product can pass the test with customers is also the key. If the product is not good and the customer does not like it, it means that you have lost the customer. A one-off business is hardly a good business. We understand this, so we never provide inferior products to customers.

What kind of tea do you sell?

We sell green tea, oolong tea, black tea, pu'er tea, white tea, as well as herbal tea and flower tea.

Can I get free samples?

You can get free tea samples whatever how many you want. But you need to pay first, and then refund or directly deduct if the follow-up cooperation is reached.

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