Collection: Oolong Tea

What is oolong tea?

Oolong Tea (Chinese Pinyin: Wu Long Tea) is a category of Chinese tea, which is a semi-fermented tea created in the Qing Dynasty.

There are branches of Oolong tea, such as Wuyi Rock Tea, Dan Cong. Many of which are world-famous teas, such as Dongding Oolong and Dongfang Meiren (Oriental Beauty) in Chinese Taiwan; Tieguanyin in Anxi, southern Fujian; Wuyi rock tea in northern Fujian; Fenghuang Dancong in Guangdong. They are all with distinctive Chinese characteristics.


Northern Fujian, Southern Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan are the four major oolong tea-producing areas.

Northern Fujian

Wuyi Mountain, the main producing area of Dahongpao, is also a national famous scenic spot in China, located in northern Fujian. It is 200 to 450 meters above sea level with acidic gravel soil. Cloudy and foggy weather occurs 1/3 of the year, and the rainfall is abundant, which provides a flavor environment for tea.

Southern Fujian

Anxi, in particular, has a history of tea production for thousands of years. It is also known as the "Hometown of Oolong Tea in China". It is also the birthplace of Anxi Tieguanyin. It ranks first in China's key tea-producing counties and is well-known throughout China for its tea.


The main oolong producing area is in Fenghuang Town, which is close to the East China Sea and has plenty of rain. Tea trees are planted above 1,000 meters above sea level, with an average annual temperature of 22 degrees. Produce the famous Fenghuang Dancong.


The high mountains and low latitudes over 1,800 meters above sea level create a unique oolong tea flavor. Representatives include Dongding Oolong, Lishan Oolong, and Oriental Beauty.

Oolong Features


The tea degree of fermentation is the lightest, with natural floral and fruit fragrance, honey fragrance, mellow and sweet.

Southern Fujian's

It is the second-lowest degree of fermentation with orchid fragrant, freshness, and sweetness.


It is the second most fermented tea of oolong. It has a natural nectar fragrance, a strong taste, smoothness, and sweetness.

Northern Fujian's

It is the most fermented tea of oolong. It has a natural floral fragrance, the most mellow taste, and aftertaste.

Wuyi Rock Tea is the most famous for its unique "rock and flower fragrance".