Collection: Green Tea

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Among all teas, green tea is the most popular type of tea, and it is popular all over the world because of its health characteristics.

In China, green tea is the earliest tea in history. Nevertheless, high-quality authentic cups handmade with fresh spring leaves are still hard to find.

Therefore, we cooperate with local tea farmers to support local farmers and instruct them on how to plant tea trees scientifically to increase farmers' income, and more importantly, to improve high-quality tea for our tea lovers.

After our tea is picked, processing and other procedures are strictly required.

Because of the love of tea, we want to share better Chinese tea with you who are on the other side of the world.


Drinking green tea has many advantages, such as weight loss.

Although green tea has many advantages, we recommend that you drink tea for weight loss because drinking tea can indeed bring health to the body and mind.

But tea is not a medicine, and certain antiviral substances contained in tea cannot be used because of drinking Drinking tea brings immediate results.

In the long run, drinking tea can significantly improve the human body, but if you drink tea with a certain purpose, we do not recommend you to do so.


Drinking loose leaf green tea is a high-quality joyful time of a healthy life. loose leaf green tea is picked by hand and processed and stored in a low-temperature greenhouse.

Fresh green tea is rich in a lot of nutrients and a lot of antioxidants, and low-temperature storage can maintain its freshness without losing its flavor.


We guarantee that all our loose-leaf green tea is 100% natural tea, without any essence or pigment.


Tea originated in China, and our Chinese tea has never changed our attitude towards tea. When you have tasted high-quality green tea produced in China, you may be as excited as Cristoforo Colombo discovering a new world.

The tea produced in China is not only of high quality, but also a healthy tea drink, and green tea is the one with low caffeine content among all teas.

How to Store

In order to keep the flavor of green tea long-lasting, it must be stored at a low temperature-refrigerator, low-temperature greenhouse, etc., otherwise, its flavor will be lost, and it may not be different from drinking ordinary tea in the end.