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Xinyang Maojian Tea

Xinyang Maojian Tea

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What is Xinyang Maojian tea?

Xinyang Maojian, also known as Yu Maofeng, belongs to green tea. It is one of the top ten famous teas in China and one of the famous specialties of Henan Province. Drinking it can help quench thirst, improve eyesight, refresh, and digest.


Tea Category: Green tea

Origin: Xinyang, China

Aroma: Flower and fruit

Caffeine Level: Low

Brew Temperature: 175 °F or 80 °C

Water to Tea Leaf: 1: 50

Brew Time: 3-5 mins


The color, fragrance, taste, and shape of Mao Jian green tea have unique characteristics. After brewing, the aroma is long-lasting, the taste is strong, and the soup is bright and clear. The high-quality Xinyang Maojian soup is tender green, yellow-green, and has a fragrant flavor.


Xinyang Maojian is rich in protein, amino acids, alkaloids, tea polyphenols, sugar tips, organic acids, and water-soluble minerals. it also has medical effects.

It has many functions such as quenching thirst, improving eyesight, refreshing, eliminating greasiness and digestion, inhibiting atherosclerosis, preventing cancer, preventing scurvy, and protecting against radioactive elements. Drinking Maojian tea frequently can also lower blood pressure.

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Customer Reviews

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Vidales Luna

High Quality Green Tea

Goasdoué Kokemueller

Long lasting flavor and taste after several times of water refilling, and the tea is in a good shape. The price matches the quality.

Philip Alan

Tea is the most important and is good.

Benjamin Williams

Fresh Fragrant Sweet

Jose Mark Dasovic

The tea is exquisite. This is a tea for serious Chinese green tea lovers.