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West Lake Longjing Tea (Dragon Well)

West Lake Longjing Tea (Dragon Well)

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Longjing tea, also known as West Lake Dragon Well, is grown in the West lake area of Zhejiang province, River South of China.

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It is without a doubt one of the most popular Chinese (green) teas and top 10 Chinese tea. It has been selected as a Chinese National Geographical Indication Product. Longjing is also a specialty product of Zhejiang Province and a Chinese Original region protection product.

High-quality, authentic, and original Longjing is very rare. And Ours is selected from the nationally certified Longjing origin in the West Lake area.

Longjing Tea Details

Ingredients: Longjing green tea Leaf

Origin: West Lake area, Southern China

Caffeine: Low caffeine, 1/4 to coffee's

How it tastes: Fresh and sweet aroma

How to Brew: 2-3 minutes at 185℉/85℃ to 194℉/90℃

No artificial coloring, flavoring, and additives

Longjing Benefits

West Lake Longjing tea is known as the "Queen of Green Tea". It contains theophylline, tea pigments, amino acids, catechins, chlorophyll, and vitamin C, and is more than other teas.

Since it is a green tea, a tea made without fermentation, it can help clear away heat and diuresis. It can also help refresh, quench thirst, lower cholesterol, inhibit blood pressure rise and platelet aggregation, antibacterial, antioxidant, tumor, and allergies. (Cannot be used as medicine)

How to Make Longjing Tea?

Longjing is a representative existence in Chinese green tea. However, if you want to taste the attractive taste and unique fragrance of Longjing, you must master its correct brewing method. Otherwise, it will be difficult to brew Longjing tea with excellent fragrance. 

But today we can make brewing Longjing tea simply and easily.

Prepare for Brewing

1. Water temperature: Boil the water and leave it for a while letting the temperature drop to about 85-90℃. Do not brew green tea with boiling water that will destroy the tea's nutrition elements. Also, We recommend using purified water or mineral water to make tea, brewing with which maks the tea aroma stronger.

2. Tea to water: The ratio of tea to water is usually 1:50. You can add or reduce the proportion of water according to personal preference.

3. Brewing Time: Remember not to steep the tea for too long, otherwise, it will taste astringent.

4. Teacup: Ceramic cups and glass tea sets are acceptable. You can observe the way the tea leaves dance in the water if brewing it in a glass.

Start Brewing

#Step 1  Pour half a cup of freshly boiled water into a cup to warm the cup so that the water temperature will not drop sharply when the tea is officially brewed, and it can be disinfected. Pour out the water in the cup.

#Step 2  Put the tea leaves: Put the tea leaves in a warm cup, pour one-fifth of a cup of boiling water into it, let the tea leaves soak, and shake for about 30 seconds.

#Step 3  Pour in boiling water. After 35 seconds, it is ready to drink.

The Best Time of Picking

There are three major characteristics of Longjing tea picking: early morning, second tenderness, and three diligence.

Tea farmers often say, "Tea is a time-grained herb. It is a treasure when picked three days early, and it becomes grass when picked three days later."

Longjing tea is also known for its delicate picking, and the tenderness and evenness of fresh leaves constitute the basis for the quality of Longjing tea. Diligence refers to picking large and small batches in about 30 batches in a year.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Davide M. Estevens

Excellent fragrance, taste & value for dragon well.

Bassam Blanche

Already going through it because it tastes so good and I am drinking all day almost every day. I recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys the taste and overall sense of well being that comes from drinking this tea.

Stephen Garbowski

best oolong tea

David Williamson

Lovely and fragrant

Philipp Foley

Delicious tea, and smells so good