Steeped Black Tea

Can you reuse loose leaf tea

Yes. Loose leaf tea can be reused for many conditions.

The tea you throw away is a treasure at home, and its magical effect will surprise you!

Brewed Drogan Pearl black Tea

For cleaning

After drinking loose tea, you can collect the brewed tea leaves with a tea drainer. When cleaning, you will find it can be of great help.

washing dishes

Using steeped tea leaves to wash dishes is healthier than dish soap and does not hurt your hands.

Add some lemon juice to the tea, add hot water and soak for a while to make a natural cleanser. Used to wash dishes and kitchen stoves, clean without chemicals.

Clean wooden furniture & kitchenware

Used tea leaves can also be used to clean wooden furniture.

It can also decontaminate and remove oil, especially wooden kitchen cabinets and cutting boards.

For those oil stains and dust, it can be removed with a single swipe, and the furniture immediately becomes shiny as new.

Clean the floor

Dining rooms, restaurants, and kitchens, the floors in these places will definitely get oily, especially the kitchen.

Use steeped tea leaves, add boiling water or boil them directly in water. Then, mop the floor with the brewed tea. The degreasing effect is particularly good.

Black tea has a special protective effect on wood. If your house has a wooden floor, use black tea leaves to clean the floor, which can not only decontaminate, but also brighten the color of the wooden floor!

Remove odor

In addition to degreasing the floor, you can also pour used tea leaves into water to rinse the mop to remove odors.

The tea itself has a tea fragrance and can remove peculiar smell.

Refrigerator deodorization

All kinds of raw and ready-to-serve ingredients and sauces are kept in the refrigerator all year round. The air inside is not circulating, and it will smell bad after a long time.

If you have a good habit, you can usually put the brewed tea leaves in utensils or gauze and put them in the refrigerator freezer. Frozen is definitely not acceptable. The peculiar smell can be relieved by putting it on for 3 hours.

Note: The used tea leaves should not be kept in the refrigerator for too long. Because the tea leaves are exposed to the environment of the refrigerator, the inside of the refrigerator is damp. If left for a long time, tea can also produce mold and bacteria, which will contaminate the food in the refrigerator.

Remove bad smell in shoes

After drinking the loose leaf, put it directly in the shoe after drying. The smell of tea can remove the smell of sweat from the shoes. Especially people who love to sweat their feet and exercise regularly. Put a dry tea bag in your shoes at night, the smell of shoes will be gone the next day, and there will be a refreshing tea fragrance!

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