How to Brew Black Tea

How to Brew Black Tea

Black tea is fermented tea, and the degree of fermentation is very high, so you need to master some skills when brewing black tea. How to make black tea? How long is the best to brew it?

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Loose black tea leaves

There are two ways to brew black tea. One is to simply brew it directly with a normal teacup, and the other is to brew it with the Chinese Gongfu tea method.

Let's start with the simple.

For the sake of simplicity and convenience, usually if we are in the office, outdoor, picnic, etc., we will use a simple way of making tea, which can drink delicious black tea without complicated ways of making.

How do we make loose black tea in a simple way?

Boil water

Black tea needs hotter water, so let it boil and the temperature exceeds 98 degrees Celsius or 208 degrees Fahrenheit. For other types, such as green tea and oolong tea, you have to wait until the water temperature is lower before making it.

Add tea leaf

Put a certain amount of tea in the teacup. The ratio of black tea to water is about 1:50. You can increase or decrease the ratio of water according to your taste.

Add water

Pour the water on the tea, then pour it down along the edge of the cup, let the water make a circular motion in the cup, and stir the tea leaves. This helps to make the black tea's flavor infusion more thorough and the tea fragrance stronger.

How long should you brew black tea?

Do not brew too long or too quickly. Too fast the fragrance of tea won't come out. Too long will cause the tea to be astringent. It is recommended to soak for 3-4 minutes.

Remove the tea leaves

Take out the tea leaf and put it aside. It is recommended to pack the loose leaf in a net bag to make it easier to carry and brew.


Relax yourself and enjoy fine tea. A good tea will take you into a refreshing world!

How to Brew Black Tea in Gongfu Tea Method?

Chinese people are very particular about tea. High-end black tea requires special tea making equipment to show the best tea aroma and flavor.

How to make a cup of tea with good taste and aroma is actually related to the way we make it. The brewing technique, time, tea set and the ratio of tea to water must be controlled. If you can't grasp one of them, you are not really going to brew a good taste of authentic Chinese tea.

Tea set

General-purpose teawares includes porcelain, pottery (mainly Zisha), glass, and plastic. For brewing black tea, we generally use Gaiwan(porcelain lidded bowls). Of course, if you don't have a Gaiwan, you may use its alternative.


The best water for making loose black tea should be spring water, and then pure water. Do not use reboiling water, which will affect the taste.

Tea to water ratio

The ratio of tea to water varies depending on the taste of the individual.

Generally, tea to water of black tea is 1:50, that is, 4g of tea requires 200ml of water. You can adjust the water ratio according to your preferences.

The amount of tea should be well controlled. More tea, the taste will taste astringent, andif less, the taste is not enough.

Water temperature

Black tea can be brewed over 98 degrees Celsius or 208 degrees Fahrenheit. The water used to brew tea must be boiled thoroughly.

Pour water

Put tea on to a cup, then pour water directly on the tea leaves. Next, make a circle along the wall of the cup, and slowly pour in a thin stream.


Gongfu Tea has very high requirements for the brewing time. So If you want a stronger taste, you can extend the steeping time.

Generally, the first brewing of black tea is about 10 seconds, and then poured tea into a Gongdao cup.

Pour in water to continue the second brew, for 15 seconds and pour out.

Following the step to brew the third times for 30 seconds, and the fourth times for 50 seconds.

In the subsequent brew, the tea taste will gradually fade and you can prolong the brewing time. Or change the leaf. You can always adjust the brewing time according to the ratio of tea leaves to water.


So you have your fine tea in the Gongdao cup. Enjoy your good tea and good time. 

Tips: The best Chinese black tea to drink is hot tea. When it gets cold, its aroma will disappear as the temperature drops.

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